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Troika - Group of Companies


The process of cattle feed manufacture is comparatively simple process once the formulation of feed mixture is arrived at. The main aim of the process is to ensure that the final mixture contains uniformly same proportion of the ingredients even in smallest possible sample of, say, one gram as originally intended.

Obviously, to attain uniformity in concentration, a mixture of ingredients is to be ground to fine mesh and mixed thoroughly. This mixed powder can be used directly for feeding. Alternatively, the mixed ground material can be palletised.

In brief, various steps in the processing of cattle feed manufac-ture can be enumerated as follows (see flow sheet attached).

- Material receiving and proportioning,
- Material grinding,
- Mollassifying and mixing,
- Palletising and cooling,
- Packing.

Troika plants are simple and robust in design and are specifically designed for medium capacity ranging from 1T/hour to 8T/hour. The plant can also been used for chicken feed however the capacity of the palletising section will drop when pellet diameter is small.

Troika - Group of Companies

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