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Troika - Group of Companies
Troika - Group of Companies
We have successfully achieved a high level of customer appreciation resulting in long-lasting relations by offering products that are high in quality.

Troika Group of Companies

THE TECHNOCRATS TO OILS & FATS INDUSTRY In the Service of Oil Industry Since 1971.

We assure you the quality that
                             stands the test of time
Time passes, quality remains
Troika - Group of Companies


We take this opportunity to introduce TROIKA an ISO 9001 company, a leading engineering firm,  operating since 1971, specialist in the field of Oils and Fats technology. TROIKA a name recognised world over in vegetable oil Industry. TROIKA equipment have been operating at more than 270 projects spread over 27 countries all over the Globe.

TROIKA – The technocrats to vegetable oils and fats industry with their solid background and sound foot holding for more than three decades are well versed with all the aspects of Industry; it may be commercial aspect or operational safety aspect, the international quality standards or the latest design trend in the industry. Thus TROIKA equipment are stuffed with this valued three decades experience and what you get from TROIKA is robust, well designed, efficient equipment at competitive price.

TROIKA can custom build the plant for you. Plants to process soyabean, sunflower seed, palm kernel, canola seed, peanuts or any other oil bearing material.

If TROIKA’S name is synonymous with vegetable oil industry, it is rightly attributed to TROIKA’S accepted norms of accomplishing a task like executing a project on timely basis, ensuring maximum operational efficiency and maximum investment returns.

You may want TROIKA to offer you an solvent extraction, oil refining unit, a cattle feed plant and hydrogenation plant, or for that matter specially design equipment to modernized your existing plant.

TROIKA has supplied equipment for following Units:
Solvent Extraction Line 117
Vegetable Oil Refining Line 63
Vanaspati / Hydrogenation Unit 33
Oil Milling Section 13
Cattle Feed Unit 05
International Clientèle 77
Castor Processing Unit 11
Pilot / Specially Design Line 23
Tailor Made Equipment 26

After going through the website if you are in need of any further details / information including specification, process description and budgetary estimates please feel free to contact us.

Our Quality Standards
Quality of our products is certified and recognized by our clients. Each product passes stringent quality control tests and procedures. We have successfully acquired an ISO 9001 certification.

Our Quality Certifications
  • Troika has been recognized with special reference to" Design and supply of plant and machinery related to vegetable oil Industries" and awarded certificate of ISO 9001-2000.
  • We follow guidelines and recommendations made by National Fire Protection Association of U. S.A. (N.F.P.A. -36) while designing.
  • Troika is recognized and approved by the Gosgortechnadzor of Russia (Federal Mounting and Industrial surveillance of Russia) a government department looking after safety aspects. Troika is granted license by this agency.

Our Facilities
We are able to meet the tightest of the scheduled orders. Our phenomenal success has been built on stringent quality control at each stage of production. Our trusted quality & workmanship are reflected in our products. Troika is fully geared up to offer the customer full support during the implementation of project through all the stages, right from the preliminary stage to asses the techno-economic viability, site selection, preparation of layouts, supply of equipment, offering technicians during installation and start up training of customer's staff, after sales service, assisting the customer, and continuously updating the technology and keeping pace with the time.

We also execute turnkey projects & development of plants as per the requirements/ specifications of the clients. Troika can custom-build the right plant for the clients. Plants to process Soybean, Sunflower Seed, Palm, Cottonseed, Castor Seed, Peanuts, Rice Bran, Coconut, Rapeseed, Mustard Seed, Maize Germ, Olive and / any other seed that contains oil or for refining any kind of vegetable oil.

Our Export Division
Our clientage extends to countries like:
Azerbaijan Philippines Bangladesh
Kazakhstan Russia Burma
Kenya South Africa Ceylon
Kuwait Ethiopia Macedonian
Tanzania Germany Malaysia
Turkey Ghana Moldova
Uganda Greece Nepal
Ukraine India Nigeria
U.A.E. Yemen  



Address : Embassy Centre, Nariman Point, Mumbai - 400 021, India
Tel No: +(91)-+(22)-22834429 / 22834334     Fax No. +(91)-(22)22823778    Email:  |

"TROIKA is in multination Spread over 27 Countries covering more than 270 projects"